The Power of Generosity.

We all want more.

More love.

More money.
More connection.
More freedom.
This is totally and completely normal. Desire is what makes us human.
But how do we get more?

This is a question I get asked a lot.

How do I bring more into my life?

Today, I want to answer that for you. It’s really a lot easier than you think.

・ Banff National Park - September 28, 2016 ・

You see, the more generous we are, the more generosity we experience.

It’s just law.

Being generous opens you up to experience more. Anywhere you’re experiencing lack or scarcity, you need to practice a deeper level of generosity.

But before you dive into this practice, you need to understand something.

Generosity isn’t just about giving. It really really requires that you expand your capacity to give AND receive.

Yes, you have to be a good receiver as well as a good giver in order for generosity to work. If you only give, you are out of balance, and you take away from another person’s desire to be generous.

Generosity requires that you serve another person without expectation. Don’t expect them to return the favor. Don’t expect them to act a certain way or feel a certain way. Give and let it go.

Do the same thing when you receive.

Receive without expectation. Receive without judgement of yourself and your situation. Receive with kindness and love. Release shame or guilt or feelings of unworthiness.

We are soulful beings living a human experience. The more we can bring our authenticity into every exchange of give and receive, the more beauty, love, and abundance we’ll experience.

I’d love to hear from you. Come on over to the blog and let me know your favorite way to give to others.

Much love and abundance,


Leave me a comment and share one way you like to give.

Expansion is EVERYTHING.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

This time last week I was reveling in one of my absolute favorite manifestations of all time: a trip to Paris with my family.

I was eating croissants, wandering around this amazing city, and thinking, what took me so long to manifest this trip?

That’s when this affirmation came to me. I wrote it down and just knew I had to share it with you.

“I allow myself to expand in ways I never thought were possible.”

You see, expansion is EVERYTHING.

Our desires are there to encourage us to become more.

More open.
More free.
More authentic.
More capable.

This is the nature of life.

This happens with or without your cooperation. If you want to flow in the direction of abundance, then you must remain open.

And I don’t just mean open up to what’s happening in your life right now. Open means accepting possibilities you can’t even imagine yet. It means saying yes to new ideas and new concepts that might sound strange or crazy to you at first. It means leading with your heart and not your mind. Your can only conceive of things you’ve already experienced. But your heart…oh, your heart can take you places you can’t even conceive of right now.

Believe that life is good and all is well.
Believe that out of this situation, only good will come.
Believe that right now, in this moment, you are manifesting more good than you’ve ever seen, heard, or experienced before.

Because now is all we have. The past is gone. The future is yet to come. Now is when you have the power to create every dream you’ve ever had.

Paris meant so much to me. It meant time with my family. Time to relax and learn and experience another culture.

But most of all, it meant dreams can come true when you least expect it. And they manifest in ways so much better than you planned.

I first asked for Paris when I was 8 years old. And again when I was a young single adult. I finally manifested it when I was married to the man of my dreams, with children I’ve always wanted, and a life I was excited to return to.  I got Paris and so much more. That’s how the universe works.

Dream. Then allow the universe to magnify those dreams into magnificent  masterpieces that will open your heart and mind to what’s possible.

I know who you are…even when you forget.

Use this affirmation throughout the day today and celebrate the shifts. Even if only small things manifest, celebrate them. Welcome them. And small things become big things.

I wish you much love & abundance today.

Leave me a comment below and share one strategy you use to become more open to love, beauty, and abundance in your life.

Go. Even if you must go alone.


We can travel to faraway countries, lands, and cultures.

We can also take journeys through ourselves to dreams, fears, and places that may not even exist yet.

Either way, travel changes us. It grows us up. It magnifies the deepest parts of who we are. The beautiful parts and the shadow parts.

The great thing is that with deeper awareness comes courageous living. Once we get more intimate with ourselves, we give ourselves the freedom to express our truth. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like being who you really are and saying how you truly feel.

When you can do that. Life shifts and transforms.

You can fake it if you want to. But true joy, self love, and appreciation of life can’t be faked.

In fact, it’s the only real thing there is.

Today, I have the great honor of introducing you to an amazing young woman who’s changing lives. Martice Sutton teaches girls through travel, how to think and dream bigger.

And her truth is so raw and so real, it’ll touch you deeply.

Come on over and hear her story.

To learn more about Martice, visit

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“We should encourage children to continuously think bigger.” @girlsgoglobal  @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“You have to have the courage to be vulnerable.”@girlsgoglobal  @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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Quit procrastinating: Master your time with these 3 strategies.

Do you know the number one reason most people tell me they’re not living their dream life?

They don’t have time.

Dang it time! *shakes fist at clock* You’re just never enough.

Well before you start belittling time, ruining his self-esteem, consider that time is not holding you back from your dreams.

Perhaps the real culprit is what you do with the time you have.

Ya’ know. We all have the same amount of time in a day. But sometimes, we’re in the zone, getting it done, creating miracles and masterpieces.

Then other times, we’re…I don’t even know what we’re doing because it’s not as meaningful and doesn’t produce any positive results.

Here’s a great example.

It took me a year to write my first book, Daily Doses of Sanity for New Mommies.

But last year, I wrote a new book, hosted a 21 expert webinar, and launched two online courses.

It was the same 12 month time period. But by mastering my time, my life became so much more fulfilling, and my dreams became reality.

Mastering your time and ridding yourself of procrastination is a MUST for living your dream life.

In today’s video, I share with you 3 strategies for ending procrastination quickly and becoming your most productive and genius self.

Watch the video now.

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In order to do great things,we must believe,think,& act in great ways.Procrastination is not a habit of greatness @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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What is Sacred Success?

Everyone wants to be successful, right?

We want the buzzing business or career, to be surrounded by love, and to be free to explore our interests and maybe even the world.

Simply put, we want to be happy.

Have you ever wondered why we want success?

As I see it, we want to know that our time on this earth mattered.

What did we do? Who did we impact? Did it even matter?

Today’s Crazy Courage TV guest is Barbara Stanny.

Barbara grew up relying on her father, the “R” of H&R Block, then her husband to manage her money. But a devastating financial crisis snapped her out of la la land. This crisis made her reevaluate her relationship with money and discover the essence of what she calls sacred success.

Barbara shares her story with us today.

Watch the video now.

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“It is our secrecy and silence that keeps us stuck.”@barbarastanny @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“Getting smart about money is not just a practical process, but a very spiritual experience.” @barbarastanny @kyanaminer #crazycourage

Sacred Success is pursuing ur soul’s purpose 4 ur own bliss & the benefit of others while being richly rewarded @barbarastanny #crazycourage

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Kick fear’s butt. How to be courageous every day.

Happy Tuesday!

Every tuesday is a happy one for me because I get to spend time with you.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many of you about your fears, goals, and dreams.

A common thread in many of these conversations is how much fear can really hold us back. It keeps us from becoming clear on who we are and what we want most. It stops us from taking the action that will lead us to our best and most brilliant lives.

I hear ya’.

Fear has been a pesky nuisance in my life too.

It use to make me hide away in a small little box. Clinging to safety and controlling every little part of my life as if disaster would happen if I didn’t.

So how did I learn to kick fear’s butt?

First, I learned that the key to getting rid of fear is consistency.
If you want to show up as your most courageous, bold, and authentic self every day, then you must practice courage on a regular basis.

You see.

Fear isn’t something that’s going to go away once and never return again. Fear is always there. It’s always living below the surface in our subconscious mind.

If you want to keep it from taking over your life and limiting your dreams, then you better wake up every day and commit to your courage. This involves practices, rituals, and daily action steps.

In today’s episode of Crazy Courage TV, I want to share three strategies that can help you be consistent.

I’ll even walk you through one activity that will leave you buzzing with energy and feeling powerful.

“When you cultivate peace in your heart, it’s so much easier to take courageous actions in your life.” @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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Scratch the Itch

Have you ever tried to scratch your own back.

You reach. First with your left arm. Then with your right. From the top. From the bottom.

And dang it. The itching just gets worse.

That’s what living your dream is like. It starts off as a minor itch.

We try to scratch it with achievements. Maybe getting a new job. A better relationship. Buy a house. Or get another degree.

And that soothes it for a little while.

But the itch always comes back. And when it does, it’s deeper and more intense than before.

Today, we’re talking to Angela. Her itch started after a near death experience that left her craving more for her life. Like us, she wanted to make a real difference in the world.

Hear her story and her advice to anyone who wants to do something courageous.

To learn more about Angela, go to:

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“It was a rescue myself moment. I realized I was the only one that could do it.”@socialange @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“If you do want to do something courageous,that’s your spirit letting you know it actually needs you to do it.” @socialange #crazycourage

“If you feel in your spirit, something needs to change, don’t ask permission.”@socialange @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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The Dream Equation

Thank you for joining me today.

We’re changing things up just a bit or today’s Crazy Courage TV episode.

You’re use to seeing me interview world changers and artists and about their journeys toward living a courageous life.

But today, I want to share something different with you.

I wanted to give you some tips and advice about beginning your own courageous journey.

That’s what the dream equation is all about.

In this video I share with you the exact questions you should be asking yourself to figure out how to achieve your dream.


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“Your dream equals identity+desires+impact.” @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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These aren’t easy questions to ask, but give it a try in the comments below.


Welcome to Paradise

I have a special treat for you.

For today’s episode of Crazy Courage TV, I’m taking you on a little trip to a beautiful land.

In 2013, my family and I moved out of our house, sold and gave away almost everything, and hit the road.

One of the places we visited was Costa Rica.

This place is magical.

While we were there, we stayed at a wellness retreat where we meditated, rested, and ate looks of organic fruits and veggies. The owners of this place are from the United States. This paradise is the manifestation of their dream.

You have to meet them.

Watch the interview now.


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“Everything is energy.” @kyanaminer #crazycourage

To learn more about the Farm of Life,

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One sandwich at a time.

When I was in the third grade, I wrote my first poem.

Most kids in my class were writing about chasing butterflies, riding their bikes, and going to the zoo.

I chose to write about homelessness, world hunger, and everyday violence.

I grew up in Washington, D.C. during the 80’s when it was called, “The Murder Capital” because it had the highest crime rate of any city in the United States.

It was challenging time in the city. I remember having a burning need to give back in some way. I really wanted to change the world.It sounded good, but was a wee bit overwhelming for my 8 year old mind to fathom how to get started.

That’s why I love this conversation with Erin. She is doing amazing things, and it all started with one small act of compassion.

If you have BIG aspirations, but you’re not sure how to get started, come chat with us.Erin shares her story.

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“Traveling taught me a lot about listening to my intuition and listening to my heart.”@ErinDinan @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“We’re all just here to help one another.” @ErinDinan @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“If you look back in history, whenever there’s been big changes, they all start with the smallest actions” @ErinDinan  #crazycourage

“It took courage for me to realize I had to be good to myself in order to make a change.”@ErinDinan @kyanaminer #crazycourage

To learn more about Erin,

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