kyana 2

I believe in abundance.

I know that everything we imagine for our lives, we can absolutely experience. We are here, in this universe, at this time to experience life. That is the purpose. Life natural expands. We are a part of that expansion.

All we need to do is open up and allow life to serve us. The more we allow life to support us, the more we can serve and support ourselves, our planet, and everyone around us.

Abundance is here, always. The more we open up, the more we receive. 

I believe in life.

Sounds strange, huh?

What does it mean to believe in life?

My life hasn’t always been easy. I have childhood wounds just like everyone else. I’ve struggled to believe in myself and my gifts just like we all do from time to time. But I am here. And I believe that as long as I’m alive, I can experience all of the beauty, love, and luxury that life has to offer.

Every moment is an opportunity to experience greater and greater good. No matter what is happening in the world. No matter what is happening in your life. Affirm life is good and all is well with your beliefs, words, and actions, and your life will transform in ways you can’t even imagine. Out of every situation, good can manifest. That is the law of the universe.

With this philosophy, I’ve manifested:

  • self love so deep, I get butterflies every time I look into the mirror.
  • confidence and self worth that gives me the crazy courage to manifest my dreams.
  • millions of dollars for myself and others to live life on our own terms.
  • the love of my life (we’ve been together for 10+ years)
  • three beautiful children who inspire me. Every. Single. Day.

This list continues to grow and life continues to expand in the most beautiful, and unexpected ways and I am eternally grateful.

The more I believe in life, the more abundant my life becomes. 

I believe in you.

I know who you are. Even when you forget, I remember.

You are an infinite and fabulous being who is meant to experience abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are loved for your shadows and your light.

You are a healer for yourself and everyone around you.

You are a dreamer.

You are a life-long student desiring to learn the secret mysteries of life.

You are also a teacher who shares your knowledge with the world.

You are a believer even when you’re not.

You are an inspiration to everyone you meet.

You are a heart-centered, soul-centered light in the world.

You are a master manifestor.

The more you can embody these beliefs, the more they will become a way of life for you.

Remember that life can always get better. ALWAYS.


You’ve got this.