kyana 2How do you maintain peace in the middle of chaos?

Hi! My name is Kyana Miner.

Once upon a time, I lived a hectic, stressful, and discontented life. I didn’t hate my life. After all, I had a promising career, made good money, and was in a long-term relationship.

I was living a dream…it just wasn’t my dream.

However, life was not awe-inspiring, poetic, deeply-satisfying, or thrilling. Instead, it was mundane, and most of my actions during the course of a normal day were done more out of obligation and not joy.

I felt burned out. So I took some time off and traveled to West Africa for two weeks.

I cleared my mind, explored new territory and came back ready to transform my life. It wasn’t an easy process. I dove into self development books, did tons of self care, and worked with a coach.

Lo and behold…

…my life dramatically improved. I had a clearer mind, more peace, creativity, and a deeper sense of joy than I ever thought was possible.

I also paid off $40,000 of debt, quit an unfulfilling job to become an entrepreneur, made more money than ever before, and became involved in a satisfying relationship.

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