Go. Even if you must go alone.

Travel. We can travel to faraway countries, lands, and cultures. We can also take journeys through ourselves to dreams, fears, and places that may not even exist yet. Either way, travel changes us. It grows us up. It magnifies the deepest parts of who we are. The beautiful parts and the shadow parts. The great…

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Quit procrastinating: Master your time with these 3 strategies.

Do you know the number one reason most people tell me they’re not living their dream life? They don’t have time. Dang it time! *shakes fist at clock* You’re just never enough. Well before you start belittling time, ruining his self-esteem, consider that time is not holding you back from your dreams. Perhaps the real…

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What is Sacred Success?


Everyone wants to be successful, right? We want the buzzing business or career, to be surrounded by love, and to be free to explore our interests and maybe even the world. Simply put, we want to be happy. Have you ever wondered why we want success? As I see it, we want to know that…

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Kick fear’s butt. How to be courageous every day.

Happy Tuesday! Every tuesday is a happy one for me because I get to spend time with you. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many of you about your fears, goals, and dreams. A common thread in many of these conversations is how much fear can really hold us…

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Scratch the Itch


Have you ever tried to scratch your own back. You reach. First with your left arm. Then with your right. From the top. From the bottom. And dang it. The itching just gets worse. That’s what living your dream is like. It starts off as a minor itch. We try to scratch it with achievements.…

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The Dream Equation

Thank you for joining me today. We’re changing things up just a bit or today’s Crazy Courage TV episode. You’re use to seeing me interview world changers and artists and about their journeys toward living a courageous life. But today, I want to share something different with you. I wanted to give you some tips…

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Welcome to Paradise

I have a special treat for you. For today’s episode of Crazy Courage TV, I’m taking you on a little trip to a beautiful land. In 2013, my family and I moved out of our house, sold and gave away almost everything, and hit the road. One of the places we visited was Costa Rica.…

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One sandwich at a time.

When I was in the third grade, I wrote my first poem. Most kids in my class were writing about chasing butterflies, riding their bikes, and going to the zoo. I chose to write about homelessness, world hunger, and everyday violence. I grew up in Washington, D.C. during the 80’s when it was called, “The…

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Best Buy, pizza, and a $100,000 check.


We’re up and rolling! Today, I have a really fun interview for you. Audria Richmond is a branding expert. She shares her experience of quitting her job (with no money) and having her first $100,000 year. I love Audria’s story, her energy, and her advice. She teaches us the basics of branding yourself and/or your…

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Find your creative flow.


Today, we’re chatting with Kelly Pratt. Kelly is a Life Coach for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs. She studied coaching with Dr. Martha Beck. Kelly shares so much wisdom on how to let go of the insanity of doing things over and over again. She gives great insight into how to really tap into your creative…

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