Best Buy, pizza, and a $100,000 check.


We’re up and rolling!

Today, I have a really fun interview for you.

Audria Richmond is a branding expert. She shares her experience of quitting her job (with no money) and having her first $100,000 year.

I love Audria’s story, her energy, and her advice.

She teaches us the basics of branding yourself and/or your business.

She also talks about some key strategies to building a big brand with your passion.

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“You have to show up at all times, regardless if you fail or if you’re successful.”@audriarichmond @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“At least try.” @audriarichmond @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“To walk away from a job,put yourself out there in a big way& hope people bite back takes a lot of courage” @audriarichmond  #crazycourage

“Learning more about you is essential to building a good brand.”@audriarichmond @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“The first step to anything great is always the first step” @audriarichmond @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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