Blues, Bars, and Affirmations: Karen Drucker Interview



What’s in your life today that you KNOW you need to let go of?

In today’s interview, I sat down with Karen Drucker. My friends call me the affirmation girl, but Karen is the affirmation QUEEN.

Although her life wasn’t always so spectacular.

Karen reveals her struggles with letting go of the stuff that kept her stuck and unfulfilled. As she learned to recognize her true worth, Karen went from scrubbing floors as a housekeeper to speaking and singing all over the world.

During this interview, we laughed, we reminisced, and we sang. Well, Karen did the singing. Lucky you! hahaha. Check it out.

My favorite part about this interview is that Karen provides great tools to shift your mindset, unlock your true potential, and take the next steps to enrich your life.


Much Love & Courage!