Dance, dream, and believe.

Today, we’re going to have some fun.

Emmy award winner, Faith Rivera joins us to chat about music, truth, and life.

Faith shares her story and talks about what happens when you suppress your gift and pretend to be someone else.

One of my favorite songs by Faith is “Believe.” It says, “I know there’s more to my life than I let myself believe.”

It’s no secret. We limit our own potential. When we believe we have nothing to offer to the world, we live small. We hide in the status quo. We offer nothing. Our gifts are suppressed. When we believe we have a lot to offer, we dare greatly. We become more. And we give abundantly.

Be willing to expand your beliefs with me. Whether you’re making a lot of money or a big difference in the world. Be willing to believe there’s more.

Faith really opens her heart in this interview. She shares her most fearful moments. She also shares her process of breaking up with music and getting back together. I know you’re going to love her just as much as I do.