Do you have a life motto?

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here. It has snowed so much over the last few weeks. But yesterday, the weather was beautiful.So we took full advantage of it. I packed lunch, grabbed my two toddlers, and headed outside.

We ran, laughed, and played. Enjoying the sun and warm temperatures.

Wanna know something funny?

At no point during our play did we complain about how cold it was just a few days ago. We didn’t even think about it. We totally surrendered to our present happy feelings.

This was a real life lesson for me.

When things are hard. It’s easy to think they will always be hard. But have faith. Everything happens in cycles. And just like bad weather, the heartbreaking moments will pass.

Today I talk with Ronnie Tyler. She is one of the founders and writers of the site Black and Married with Kids. Her life’s purpose is to show couples that they absolutely can overcome challenges.

Ronnie’s advice for happy marriages and thriving businesses with have you nodding your head like, “dang! that’s good.”

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Ronnie is straight to the point. It’s not a surprise that her blog is nationally recognized as a positive resource for couples around the world.

Her favorite book is one of my all time favs for learning the secret to connecting deeply with others and forming fantastic relationships.

The craziest thing happens right in the middle of our interview. If you listen closely, you can hear it. The first person to guess the sound and send it to me in an email ( will receive a free copy of one of Ronnie’s films.

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“The highs will far outweigh the lows if u’re proactive about ur marriage &have the right mindset.” @blackandmarried @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“Practice makes perfect. That’s my motto with everything I do in life.” @blackandmarried @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“You can overcome these challenges and not give up.” @blackandmarried @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“Changing a plan is better than having no plan.” @blackandmarried @kyanaminer #crazycourage

To learn more about Ronnie, visit her popular blog,

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