From being on the hit show, The Wire, to loosing a loved one, this actress knows all about courage

Have you ever heard a still, quiet voice within urging you in certain direction or to make a certain decision?

Many people believe this voice comes from God, our intuition, or our heart.

I believe we all have a still, small voice of certainty that speaks to us when we need it. And when we follow it, miracles happen.

You may want to get the tissues ready for today’s interview. Connie Bowman talks about everything from her acting career to the death of a loved one. The clarity and wisdom she has gained through her life experiences is remarkable. In this conversation, you’ll learn why you must follow your inner guidance and how to surrender and let go when life throws you a curve ball.

I loved talking to Connie. I walked away from our talk with a greater trust in who I am and what I’m made of — not just the strong parts but the vulnerable parts too!