From cancer to courage.

Cancer is such a mystery to us. There’s so much we still need to learn about this disease that kills more than 1500 people a day.

I have lost too many friends and family to cancer. And I know first hand how devastating it can be to watch someone suffer with this disease.

I’ve also seen people use conventional treatments or holistic methods to heal. In order to find a cure and really understand this disease, we must begin a conversation with the survivors.

Stowe Dailey is an author, singer, and songwriter who has a beautiful spirit. If you met her, you would never guess all of the things she’s been through from childhood abuse to surviving cancer.

Listen to her story. She shares the most important thing she had to do in order to move beyond the pain of her past.

It is true humans suffer. But I believe, while pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional. Don’t believe me? Check out Stowe’s story.

My absolute favorite part of this interview is when Stowe shares the technique her therapist taught her to help her release the pain, anger, and depression from her past.

This is one of the most powerful parts of this whole series. You DON’T want to miss this.