From engineer to entrepreneur; a story about fear, love, and success: Bex Weller Interview.

Before starting my own business, I often dreamed of what it would be like to be an entrepreneur. Then I would wake up and allow my fears to bully my dreams until they felt small and insignificant.Fear, worry, and stress keep us small. These toxic emotions are like fluid to the lungs of our purpose in life. For the next 32 minutes, don’t focus on your limitations. Allow yourself to dream about the possibilities in your own life as you watch this interview.Rebecca, affectionately called Bex by her clients, fell in love, quit her job, and started her own business.Speaking all the way from Australia, she shares her greatest fears and her greatest moments of growth.

The best part of this interview with Bex is her honesty as she talks about her scariest moments along her journey toward greater passion and aliveness.Enjoy!

Much Love & Courage!

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