Go. Even if you must go alone.


We can travel to faraway countries, lands, and cultures.

We can also take journeys through ourselves to dreams, fears, and places that may not even exist yet.

Either way, travel changes us. It grows us up. It magnifies the deepest parts of who we are. The beautiful parts and the shadow parts.

The great thing is that with deeper awareness comes courageous living. Once we get more intimate with ourselves, we give ourselves the freedom to express our truth. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like being who you really are and saying how you truly feel.

When you can do that. Life shifts and transforms.

You can fake it if you want to. But true joy, self love, and appreciation of life can’t be faked.

In fact, it’s the only real thing there is.

Today, I have the great honor of introducing you to an amazing young woman who’s changing lives. Martice Sutton teaches girls through travel, how to think and dream bigger.

And her truth is so raw and so real, it’ll touch you deeply.

Come on over and hear her story.

To learn more about Martice, visit GirlsGoingGlobal.org.

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