Homeless and hopeless, this guy dug his way out.

I’m going to be completely, butt-naked honest with you. I had no idea who George was before interviewing him. Someone I greatly admire suggested him, and I just had a feeling he was going to be awesome. And you know what, my intuition was right! He is freakin’ awesome.

George struggled with addiction for a long time. He was even homeless at one point. When you hear his story, you will be infused with the belief that anything is possible.

As George spoke, I was reminded that we all have within us a place of confidence, courage, and security where all the things we dream of are possible. This knowingness has the potential to lead us to our greatest selves when we trust it.

You must hear this story. In our society, we are constantly reminded that people all over the world suffer. But take heart. Every day, someone overcomes. Someone beats the odds. Someone prospers.