Jail, heart disease, or fear of death. Nothing stops this man.

Today’s speaker is unstoppable. Not fearless. But unstoppable.

He has faced enormous odds in his life, but his courage runs so deep that he just keeps going. I believe this is the stuff miracles are made out of. When we give laserlike focus to our passion and purpose despite the pain, obstacles, and challenges, we experience goodness beyond our imaginations.

But how do we do this? How do we look our persecutors, whether they are people or situations, in the face and not back down? How do we become bigger and bolder in the face of the things that are trying to belitte us?

Well David’s life serves as a great example of courage. As a minister, he also gives us some great strategies we can apply to our own lives starting today.

I love when David talks about beating the odds to start his school in Cambodia. Even after being jailed and harassed, he keeps trying because the passion in his heart won’t let him give up.