Just jump says Janet

Janet lives in Australia and has a thriving online business. You may see a repeating theme with so many experts having online businesses. I love the online business opportunity because people can make money and have the freedom to explore the world, spend time with family, and enjoy life.

I know everyone does not want to quit their jobs. But the top reason many people don’t pursue their dreams is because of money. Even the most courageous people settle when it comes to money. So I wanted to spend time talking to people who’ve conquered that excuse.

Janet is a work from home mom with two little ones. I love the freedom she has because of her business.

Not wanting to return to work after maternity leave, she took a leap of faith. Janet talks about being seen as “crazy” because her family didn’t understand her choice.

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The best part of this interview is when Janet talks about how to avoid regret. Settling is the father of regret. Life is most fulfilling when we stretch ourselves into the unknown.