Oh yes…they’re going to think you’re crazy.

Today, we’re talking to Michele Blood — a motivational speaker who has inspired audiences of up to 50,000 people.

Michele’s interview left me in awe. Afterwards, I couldn’t speak. I didn’t think about much else. I was fixated for hours on the idea of just how powerful we are when we listen to our hearts, focus our minds, and act with courage.

As you listen, Michele’s story moves you in such a personal way. She talks about everything from physical healing to spiritual awakening.

This interview is an audio recording so you can listen any time during the day.

Michele’s interview will inspire you to see and understand your life in a new way. I can’t promise you that the journey of courage will always be easy or everyone will understand. But, as you’ll hear from Michele, it’s totally worth it.

Grab a snack as you listen to this one. It’s funny, entertaining, and heart opening.