Over 150,000 people watch this family every day.

You have to meet Austin. He’s a husband, father of two, and he makes his living entirely on youtube.

When I first learned about the world of youtube earners, I was shocked. I thought, people make money from posting youtube videos?

So I set out to interview one of these full-time youtube earners, and I discovered one of my favorite youtube families makes their living entirely from their youtube channel.

Austin talks about his journey from working three jobs just to pay rent to moving his family into a new home and living comfortably from his youtube paycheck.

Talk about courageous.

Stop by and hear about Austin’s journey.

I think it’s amazing that Austin had the courage to persevere in his dream and now, he’s a work from home dad who spends every day with his family. Our lives should not support our work, but our work should support the lives we desire.