Don’t negotiate with terroists.


When we think of terrorists, we usually think of bad people in faraway lands. But the most dangerous terrorists live a lot closer than you think. Have you ever tried to do something extraordinary? If so, then you know the terrorists I’m talking about. They’re the voices in your own mind. You know the ones.…

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The power of small steps


What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done? I have a lot of things. But I’d say starting my first blog in 2010 is near the top of the list.I’m an introvert by nature. So putting myself out into the world totally freaked me out.It meant… being vulnerable. sharing my doubts. talking about my failures.…

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Do you have a life motto?

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here. It has snowed so much over the last few weeks. But yesterday, the weather was beautiful.So we took full advantage of it. I packed lunch, grabbed my two toddlers, and headed outside. We ran, laughed, and played. Enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. Wanna know something funny? At…

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Let your soul lead.


Real talk. When was the last time you let your soul lead you? I mean really lead. Like call the shots. Make the decision. Lead the way. You know. It took me many, many years to trust my soul. It was so quiet and my ego was so loud. Plus, my ego enticed me with…

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A little leap of faith requires a whole lot of this.


Courage isn’t something you get from accomplishments or achievements. It has to be cultivated within. Every Single. Day. How do you cultivate courage? For me, daily conditioning is key. I do mental and physical exercises — like yoga and meditation — that keep me in a mindset to win. Before I did these daily practices,…

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What’s your side hustle?


Here’s the truth. Every freakin’ person alive needs a side hustle. I don’t care who you are or how much you make. Today, it’s just not smart to put all of your time, energy, and resources into one bucket. Especially a bucket you don’t own. When I first became a massage therapist, it was my…

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Disturb Your Norm


Have you ever thought, “If only I had a lot of money, I could…” Well, you’ll want to tune in to today’s interview. Clyde Anderson has appeared on CNN over 400 times and he’s joining us today to talk about how to have a wealth mindset. You see, I know so many people would love…

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As long as you’re breathing baby, it ain’t over.

Music is like ice-cream for my soul. I need it. Fear, anger, worry, or grief are easily processed when I listen to the right song. Today, we’re chatting with Claudia Carawan. A musician of positive music, and a little blues too, Claudia has a bright spirit. During this convo, she gives us a peak into…

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These Money Blocks Will Keep You From Living a Rich Life.


Can I ask you a question? Do you want to live a rich life. This is not just about money, this is about choices, freedom, and abundance. How would it feel to fill your life with the things that matter most to you? We’re talking to award-winning speaker, Denise Duffield-Thomas about what keeps us from…

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2.3 The Key is to Love What You See


I remember sitting in my cube the day a friend came over to show me a video.The video used photography to show an elaborate wedding proposal. It made me tear up.The photos were taken by Ross Oscar Knight, whose career I have followed ever since. Ross’ work has been featured on CNN, Oprah Winfrey, HGTV,…

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