If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Almost one year ago, today’s speaker dreamed of moving out of the country. Living in Los Angeles, California at the time, he was tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and longed to explore another land and culture. All of the usual “what ifs” and “but I can’ts” came up for him. But…

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This simple thing requires the most courage.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the coolest people I know. From college to corporate to entrepreneurship, Amena Brown and I have been friends for a long time. Do you know what’s weird? Sometimes, we’re more comfortable being the person others think we should be instead of being ourselves. When…

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Homeless and hopeless, this guy dug his way out.

I’m going to be completely, butt-naked honest with you. I had no idea who George was before interviewing him. Someone I greatly admire suggested him, and I just had a feeling he was going to be awesome. And you know what, my intuition was right! He is freakin’ awesome. George struggled with addiction for a…

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From being on the hit show, The Wire, to loosing a loved one, this actress knows all about courage

Have you ever heard a still, quiet voice within urging you in certain direction or to make a certain decision? Many people believe this voice comes from God, our intuition, or our heart. I believe we all have a still, small voice of certainty that speaks to us when we need it. And when we…

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What’s your money story?

Today, we’re talking about money. Not because it’s the most important thing in the world, but because it’s what holds a lot of people back from going after their dreams. I know. I’ve been there before. I wanted to travel. But I couldn’t afford to travel. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But I couldn’t…

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How to deal with the fear of rejection. Lori Hamann Interview


I know your secret. As confident and courageous as we like to appear, there’s a question we all ask ourselves from time to time. And that question is, “Will they like me?” By nature, we’re social and communal beings. We want to be included. We want to be wanted. We want to be liked. In…

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Are you living in a prison? Kute Blackson Interview


To call Kute Blackson a motivational speaker is an injustice. Kute will identify all of the ideas and fears holding you back and show you how move beyond them to live your most courageous life. Kute doesn’t just help people find their happiness or their joy, he helps them find their spark. After hearing Kute…

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From engineer to entrepreneur; a story about fear, love, and success: Bex Weller Interview.


Before starting my own business, I often dreamed of what it would be like to be an entrepreneur. Then I would wake up and allow my fears to bully my dreams until they felt small and insignificant.Fear, worry, and stress keep us small. These toxic emotions are like fluid to the lungs of our purpose…

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Do you want to be a millionaire? Here are 3 steps to make it happen: Andrew Zenoff Interview


Meet a millionaire who really cares about making a positive impact in the world. Andrew Zenoff knew as a child he would “create something to help people.” Little did he know, it would be something completely foreign to who he was and what he knew at the time. He followed his intuition and overcame the…

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Blues, Bars, and Affirmations: Karen Drucker Interview


What’s in your life today that you KNOW you need to let go of? In today’s interview, I sat down with Karen Drucker. My friends call me the affirmation girl, but Karen is the affirmation QUEEN. Although her life wasn’t always so spectacular. Karen reveals her struggles with letting go of the stuff that kept…

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