Scratch the Itch


Have you ever tried to scratch your own back.

You reach. First with your left arm. Then with your right. From the top. From the bottom.

And dang it. The itching just gets worse.

That’s what living your dream is like. It starts off as a minor itch.

We try to scratch it with achievements. Maybe getting a new job. A better relationship. Buy a house. Or get another degree.

And that soothes it for a little while.

But the itch always comes back. And when it does, it’s deeper and more intense than before.

Today, we’re talking to Angela. Her itch started after a near death experience that left her craving more for her life. Like us, she wanted to make a real difference in the world.

Hear her story and her advice to anyone who wants to do something courageous.

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“It was a rescue myself moment. I realized I was the only one that could do it.”@socialange @kyanaminer #crazycourage

“If you do want to do something courageous,that’s your spirit letting you know it actually needs you to do it.” @socialange #crazycourage

“If you feel in your spirit, something needs to change, don’t ask permission.”@socialange @kyanaminer #crazycourage

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