The language of your soul.

Today, I’m introducing you to a one of my intuitive spiritual advisers — Joanne Cohen.

When I first met Joanne, I was a recovering controlaholic. I only felt comfortable when I was controlling every aspect of my life. I wasn’t really connected to my intuition. I trusted my logic more than anything else. I was a “smart” woman who wasn’t even sure what the value of intuition was in my life.

During our first session, Joanne repeated, word for word, thoughts I’d never shared with anyone. She reassured me that the questions I was asking and the feelings I felt were valid and guiding me toward my higher purpose.

Sometimes our dreams are so big, we need more than logic to achieve them.

If you have big dreams that are beyond anything you’ve ever accomplished or anyone in your family has every accomplished, then you need to see this interview.

Joanne talks all about the power of our soul and how to listen to our intuition.

I loved talking with Joanne about all of the success we can achieve in life, love, and business when we follow those hunches. Listen closely as she shares 3 things you need to do to let go of fear and follow your inner guidance.

You’re going to love this conversation.