What does financial freedom mean to you?

I love waking up to all of your emails about the life changing, aha insights you’re getting from these conversations. After reading your messages, I start my day full of gratitude that my mantra of courage is radiating in so many people’s lives.

One participant shared this awesome story of how she found out her coworker was also registered for the summit. Yesterday morning, while she was settling in at work, she heard a coworker say, “we need some crazy courage in this place!” ha!

She didn’t even realize he was registered for the seminar too. It’s a small world. And having a great impact on it is a lot easier than we think.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about crazy courage.

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Today, I’m chatting with Desiree Stafford.

This woman is amazing. She was laid off from her job and turned it into an opportunity to take control of her financial destiny.

Now, Desiree helps women become the people they’ve always dreamed of being. Her insights are priceless.

So grab a cup of tea and stop by to chat with us. Desiree will explain how we can be bigger today than we were yesterday.

This interview is an audio recording. So you can listen to it during lunch, your evening commute, or a slow period in your work day. ha! (Don’t tell your boss I said that).

Courage is not a one time deal. Courage is a muscle we must continuously build over time. Hear all about how Desiree builds that muscle in herself and her clients.