Would you walk on fire?

One year ago, I walked on fire with my family. My husband carried our 2 year old and I was 12 weeks pregnant with my son at the time. We attended a Toni Robbins Seminar, Unleash the Power Within. At the end of the seminar, we got ourselves in peak state, walked across fire lit coals, and celebrated.

Here’s a photo of us after the firewalk.
At the time, I knew I had done something amazing. I felt unstoppable and courageous. But now, I realize that moment forever changed my life.

Every time I am enthusiastically working toward a goal, and I come up against any obstacle, I move through it effortlessly. My body automatically gets into peak state. This happens without my mind’s consent. lol!

Sometimes my mind is screaming, “What are you doing?” But it’s too late, my body has courageously moved forward.

Peggy Dylan is the creator of the contemporary firewalk. She has traveled the world learning about this ancient practice and teaching it to the modern world.

If you have big dreams, but sometimes your mind gets in the way, then you need to hear this interview!

Peggy’s whole life represents amazing courage. You will be blown away by the stories she tells and the lessons she shares. From leaving home at 16 years old to building a house in the wilderness of Canada, this woman is brave.

The best part of this interview with Peggy is that she shares the most important thing you must have to make your vision a reality. This is some good stuff.