You can waste years of your life waiting for this to happen.

Today’s interview will snap you out of paralysis and get you thinking about how you can step up in your own life.

Dr. Danielle experienced so much heartache during her 20’s, she started to check out of life.

After the death of her father, loosing friends in the terrorists attacks of 9/11, and struggling with her body image and money issues, Danielle was pushed into a soul searching journey.

This interview is a great reminder about the strength of the human spirit. No matter who we are and what we’ve been through, our hearts can always lead us to a place of inner knowingness and service to the world.

So many of us are waiting for our best lives to come find us. The truth is no one is coming to save you. And you probably won’t win the lottery either. All that you need to be magnificent is already within you.

Danielle shares the insights she’s learned over the years and even gives step by step instructions on how to stop feeling overwhelmed and start accessing our greatest potential.

I love how Danielle really zones in on the importance of trusting yourself to take care of yourself. You’ll see the look on my face when I have a major aha moment from Danielle’s wisdom. She shares the most amazing affirmations to start building this self trust.